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Dr. Anni Djurhuus is a postdoctoral researcher employed at the University of South Florida in the Marine Genomics Laboratory led by Dr. Mya Breitbart.

Anni’s main focus is on the Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) project. The MBON project involves several collaborators across the US with the aim to develop a framework for marine sanctuary managers to better assess the health of their respective ecosystems.

As a part of the MBON project, the Breitbart group is aiming to get diversity estimates of the microorganisms, corals, and zooplankton from the Florida Keys. Our goal is to get a better understanding of the ecology of the Florida Keys and the Everglades discharge. To reach these goals our research includes:

  1. The biogeography of microorganisms of the coast of Florida
  2. Interactions of the different trophic levels of marine organisms in the Florida Keys.
  3. Assessment of ecosystem health indicators from marine microorganisms
  4. Sampling and analytical methods for marine lifeforms

Funding for the MBON project is provided by NASA, NOAA and the Interiors Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management (BOEM).



Twitter: @AnniDjurhuus

Email: anni.djurhuus@gmail.com